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My mission is to help individuals who want MORE for their professional future to achieve their goals and CREATE a successful career – without burning out.

Hi, I am Anke Menzler.

I am a Career and Visibility Coach, Business Strategist, Certified Agile Coach and SCRUM Master, Team Developer, Workshop Facilitator, and Speaker.

I support organizations through change by reducing complexity and insecurity for their teams, and help their employees to develop and integrate working procedures that make them fit for the future. Thus they can contribute to their own and the company’s well-being based on values and efficiency. For a sustainable future.

During Team Development Workshops I help teams to create the necessary feeling of WE and to optimize their working processes when they face changes, have to deal with new managers or a growing team, new processes and much more.

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Values I live and work by


Being free to communicate, act, and be yourself from a place of security


Owning the desire to live freely and fully from a wealthy and ever affluent source


Creating and living joyfully by cultivating space for creativity, pleasure, play, and great connections


Being, and being seen as who you are with all characteristics and wisdom


Establishing inner knowing and finding courage from within

My soul's fuel is to help you rise into and embody your full potential

Aas helped organizations, teams and leaders (CEOs, Coaches, Project Managers, Consultants, PR- and HR-Managers, Founders and more) to manage their projects, organizational and personal goals, monitor their performance and stress levels, create awareness for their way of thinking and increase their energy, and strengthen their EQ to make their communication more effective.

More about me...

Anke Menzler activates your innate skills and power to define your new level of success and reach it without burning out. Re-discover your power, potential and passion. Anke Menzler has +20 years of success working and being affiliated with global, multi-national, and multi-cultural tech companies reaching from Fortune 500 to Forbes Top 100 like FUJITSU, ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A, DATAGROUP, Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE, EXA AG, to name a few.

She has worked with some of the best leaders in the world ranging from C-Level to middle management and has always been keeping in touch with the workforce. This way she created strengthened strategies in sales, project management, leadership, coaching, performance, and time & stress management. That way she created strong, sustainable structures in the fields of sales, project management, leadership, coaching, performance and time- and stress management. As a trusted advisor, creative and dynamic source of transformation, and encouraging force, Anke helps individuals and organizations to move through and design their changes to make a difference in their world. She is a systemic coach who sees the full picture and uses different tools to uncover the needs and blocks so individuals and teams can communicate effectively from a place of appreciation.

It's your time to shine.

Everything in the career coaching experience was designed to help you creat a career you love so you can be brave to make everything happen.


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