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Bonus Day – July 6th

Anke Menzler

Re-invent Yourself to Level-up Your Career

Day 1 – July 7th

Anke Menzler

Become The Heroine You Need To Break Through &
The 4 Essential To Success

Day 2 – July 8th

Joey  Drolshagen

Joseph Drolshagen

Resize  Your Glass Ceiling

Featured in Fox, NBC, and CBS, along with being named one of the top Coaches in
America for two consecutive years, in The NYC Journal, Joey is known for helping
countless individuals to transform their lives through retraining their subconscious

Aside from a very successful 28-year career, up to VP of Sales, Joey has spent over 3
decades studying, implementing, and developing what’s become known as the SMT™
Method, which has repeatedly helped hundreds of people to transform their reality
through retraining the subconscious mind…To become UNSTOPPABLE.

Day 3 – July 9th

Simone Zander

Fearless Female Confidence. UNLEASH YOUR INNER LIONESS!

15 years of business expertise meets psychology AND energy.

Simone Zander, born and raised in East-Africa, is a successful international entrepreneur, psychologist, business coach for high level women, speaker, podcast host, author and mother.

Her international heritage and professional career as a powerful mind & business coach build the strong foundation as an expert on mindset, money, success, power and leadership.

Today, with over 15 years of experience, she successfully works at supporting clients and companies alike towards deep transformation.Simone specializes in helping women uncover their true potential and helping them a build powerful online-business and create millions. She has coached hundreds of people, helping them build multiple six-figure businesses, using powerful mindset changing tools and cutting-edge business development strategies.

Your success is her mission.


Day 4 – July 10th

David Yudis

The Way To Ephiphany In A Male-Dominated World & Creation Of Your Future

Dr. David Yudis is President and Founder of Potential Selves Inc., a leadership development corporation that delivers business growth through the transformation of talent.  Providing executive coaching, team effectiveness and leadership development services, he has been published as part of Forbes Coaches Council and appeared on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC networks as a speaker on how organizations and people achieve success.  He is also a co-author of The Secret Sauce For Leading Transformational Change, a Routledge, Taylor & Francis book published in 2022.

David invests in his clients and in doing so creates futures and changes in that individual’s world.  When working with each person, together, David and the client collaboratively decrease the distance between where they start and their next success.

Karl Staib

Put Yourself In The Captain’s Seat

Karl Staib is the founder of the Dig to Fly Method and author of Bring Gratitude. He trains people to use the Dig deep, so they peel away the armor and take action on what truly matters to them. He has been featured by Forbes, NPR and Zen Habits and has worked with great companies such as Philips Global, Southwest Research Institute and Pioneer Nation.

Day 5 – July 11th

Anke Menzler

Design Your Dream Career The Way It Reflects Who You Are While Letting Go Of The Pressure Of Trying To Be Like Someone Else

Day 6 – July 12th

María Tomás-Keegan

Make Your Career a Soulful Fit

María Tomás-Keegan is a multi-certified Career & Life Coach specializing in helping women turn transitions into triumphs! She creatively brings into play her 30-year corporate leadership experience and training, along with what she learned from navigating many life-changing events like loss, divorce, and career upheavals.

María has been called a master of reinvention and is passionate about coaching and mentoring women who struggle to find meaning and purpose in their careers and life—bringing a calm force into what can feel like chaos. María partners with women to create a firm foundation for leaping into their next chapter with confidence while gathering life-long tools to help them thrive.

María is also an award-winning author and speaker. And she hosts the weekly podcast called „Tips for the Transition |The Career Roadmap,“ seen live on LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube and distributed to all the popular podcast channels.

Irina Sanchez de Lozada

How alignment helps you to stand out in the job search

Irina is a Career Change Strategist & Coach, creator of the of the world-known Aligned Career Mastery™ System (ACM), CEO and Founder of “Success from Within” Ltd.

My mission is to help as many ambitious women claim back their confidence, know they are 100% worthy and ready as they are, and find a career that allows them to wake up excited on Mondays again.

Because life is too short to dread Mondays, don’t you agree?

 Day 7 – July 13 th

Nicola Ruhnau

Own Your Stage

Nicola Ruhnau has been on stage as a professional musician for over 15 years. As an embodiment coach, she supports people to feel more safe, authentic and confident and embody their true self on „stages“ like video calls, social media but also generally in contact with people. Because performance is always about contact, too. She follows a trauma-informed approach: understanding the nervous system and regulating it in depth so that any form of contact and „stage“ can feel safe.

Nadine Burrowes-Seaga

Break through the rules that keep you stuck

Nadine is a mindset and leadership coach. She help’s women in management get off the stress train so they can lead intentionally, live purposefully and do the things they have sacrificed and worked so hard for. She specializes in uncovering what’s causing her clients overwhelm, frustration and anxiety and replace these draining emotions with calm, confidence and certainty. She’s great at helping her clients identify the rules they are living by and create new rules that align with the life they want to live.

She ended her first marriage with 2 babies under 4 years old and embarked on creating the life of her dreams.

Nadine has previously worked in several highly competitive industries; travel, life insurance and media, before launching her company People Development Consultants. Her life is an example of what’s possible. She is married with 2 children and 2 bonus children between ages 19 and 27.

 Day 8 – July 14 th

Scott Asai

Finding Your Voice – The Magic of Soft Skills

Scott Asai is a professional speaker specializing in teaching soft skills. He focuses on improving communication, leadership and emotional intelligence. Scott’s brief, conversational and practical style makes it easy for audiences to implement new strategies. His experience includes: B.A in Psychology, M.A. in Organizational Leadership, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Strengths Coach (Clifton Strengths) and TEDx Speaker. In his free time, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, working out and playing sports.

Kirsten Dierolf

Leader as a Host

Kirsten Dierolf, M.A., ICF MCC, EMCC MP, ESIA, ITCA MP, IASTI MASFP is the owner and founder of SolutionsAcademy, a global coach training academy with ICF and EMCC accredited programs. She coaches executives and teams mainly for global corporations and has designed and delivered several global initiatives for leadership development for large international corporations. She currently serves as the immediate past president of the German Chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

Kirsten is the author of “Solution Focused Team Coaching”, co-author of “The Solutions Tango” and “Coaching plain and simple” and editor of “Solution Focused Practice around the World” published as the result of the first global conference of Solution Focus which spanned all applications of SF, an initiative she spearheaded in 2017. She has published over 50 articles on Solution Focused Coaching, writes on her weekly blog and contributes to the ICF Germany’s podcast

 Day 9 – July 15 th

Dr Carol Parker Walsh

Midlife – The pivotal time in a woman’s career

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is the founder of the Career Rebel Academy™ for high-achieving women at midlife ready showcase their brilliance and design an epic career and life they love. She’s an award-winning certified career and personal brand strategist, life and executive coach, a TEDx presenter, author, international keynote and member of Forbes Coaches Council and Newsweek’s Expert Forum, and local career expert on AM Northwest Morning Show. A catalyst for transformational growth, confidence, and career/life alignment, Carol leverages her J.D. and Ph.D. and multiple certifications, along with her experience as an attorney, executive leadership, and training in psychology and organizational systems to help successful, driven female professionals and entrepreneurs elevate their income and amplify their confidence, expertise, and authority to do the meaningful work they’re meant to do in the world without sacrificing their years of success.

Day 10 – July 16th

Dr Tara Hines-McCoy

From Adversity to Action

Dr. Tara Hines-McCoy has over 15 years of experience in human resources. She is a Career Coach, public speaker, professional development and diversity trainer. She is a #1 new release author on Amazon for Shut’em Down: Black Women, Racism & Corporate America. Dr. Tara has been featured in Dallas Weekly, on several podcast, key note speaker and recently graced the stage as a speaker at the American Mensa World Gathering. Teaching women how to go from where they are to where they desire to be is her passion. Dr. Tara coaches‘ women to take action and awaken their career in addition to providing motivational talks, professional development and diversity training.

Michelle K. Yu

The challenges for women of color in the work place

Michelle Yu is an HR Consultant and Executive Coach with more than a decade of experience working in various People Operations roles within the Tech industry.

She’s motivated to help companies and individuals drive change, accelerate progress, and gain clarity during transitional periods of time. As a coach, she’s especially focused on bridging the gap for underrepresented populations, in particular, empowering women and people of color.

In the past, Michelle has spoken at companies like Google and NBC Universal, and has been featured in outlets like CNBC. Michelle was the former Head of HR Operations at SoftBank, and has worked at companies like Google and Groupon. She received her MBA from Duke, is an ICF certified coach and host of the “Find Your Path” podcast.

 Day 11 – July 17 th

Charlie Whalley

How to Handle Imposter Syndrome

Ex-Global Head turned Life & Career Redesign Coach. I partner with career minded women to design a life & career they love. Together we Explore – Dream and Discover the path that will light them up.

We’re taught that success leads to happiness but it’s actually the other way around. I know from experience! I had reached the point in my life & career where “I had it all”, yet I had never been so unhappy.

I found a way, but it was not a linear process, and it was not easy.

That’s why I’m on a mission to help successful women like you, who feel stuck, to navigate a path to life and career happiness. I’ve developed the tools and techniques to do this and I’d love to share them with you.

Ruth McCrackin

 Leveraging LinkedIn for your business or career

Founder of RAM International & Co – Promote Yourself Professional Development Agency. Sr HR Professional & Leadership Coach. I am a career success strategist. I am on a mission to support mid level professionals in human resources to stand out as a top talent so that they can attract unlisted job opportunities of their ideal job.

 Day 12 – July 18 th

Anke Menzler

Emotional Mastery & How Emotions Sabotage Your Career


Anke Menzler coaches ambitious and purposeful women who want to make an impact on their workplaces and the world in it’s wonderful complexity. She coaches ambitious women that are heart- and soul-driven to gain confidence so they create a successful life full of passion, joy and affluence. She shows women how to uncover their talents, communicate effectively and strengthen their confidence so they can make a powerful career change.

Anke is committed to equip women to set a career focus that covers their whole life, make confident decisions and the money they deserve by teaching effective mindset, embodiment and communication strategies often missing from their plan.

She applies her Systemic Coaching Training, Agile Coach Certification, Project Management & SCRUM Master Skills, Communication Coach Certification and Cultural Communication Expertise. With 18 years of Sales Expertise at global Tech Companies that reach from small and medium size businesses to Fortune 500 and Forbes Top 100 companies she helps women create wonderful & passionate success while making a real difference.

Anke is now running a coaching business that supports and equips women to be clear on what they want and set up a strategy to help them achieve their professional dreams while shifting into abundance and leaving their footprint in the world.

You will find her working from her beautiful home in Murr/Germany, and any lovely place around the world her heart takes her to. Otherwise she is hiking, enjoying walks in nature or in this planet‘s metropoles, exploring cultures and food, and laughing with the many people she encounters on her life-long journey.