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There is ONE THING that most people don't take into consideration when they "plan" their career and that is their personality. During your life you did not only create patterns but also very useful characteristics that serve you very well in life but you don't use all of them to your fullest potential. You also learn how to be efficient but not how to harness your true powers from within to make your life a meaningful success.

In this year's New Year New Career trainings we will show you how to utilize your specific personality and it's powers and all that goes together with it to create a wildly successful career and reach your desired goals in life.

At The End Of These 6 Days of Intensive Training You Will

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And get 3 hours of live training with Anke Menzler worth over 700 €.


Anke will be bringing together amazing experts, coaches, healers and mentors in the fields of in Career, Business, Health, Energy and Sacred Powers. All of them will be giving away their expertise in live bonus sessions that others have to pay thousands to get on and be coached, trained or guided towards their goals in life.

All is energy!

Your mental state, your physical health and even your sexuality have great impact on your success. As human beings we are more than our skills. In fact, we are energy that searches for expression in the 3D world which we’ll help you do through these bonus sessions.

Learn from these Top Experts how to use all that’s available to you to create a meaningful life, sustainable health, and a career and business that’s outstanding.

Discover your full potential.

Maeve Sundstrom

Licensed Midwife, Women’s Health & Sexuality Mentor

Maeve helps women understand and enjoy their bodies and their sexuality. She has been supporting women’s health, vitality, growth, and pleasure through bodywork, breathwork, women’s circles and midwifery for over 23 years.

Slavomira Harcegova

Feng Shui Expert and Transformational Guide

As a Feng Shui expert, Slavomira helps you Master the Art of Energy and experience vitality each day so you can be FAR more productive in your business, to have more energy, JOY, and ease – without feeling tired or burning out.

Elyse Marie Kirk

Intuitive Channel & Transformational Coach

Elyse Kirk is a spiritual guide, intuitive channel and transformation coach. She brings brings 25+ years of holistic healing and energetic medicine knowledge and experience. Elyse is a certified Esalen bodyworker, Reiki Master energy healer and nutritional consultant.

Kendra Rolheiser

Career Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Kendra Rolheiser is a Career Empowerment and Leadership Coach. She brings 20+ years of success leading professional at every level of the organization. Kendra is an expert in networking, team collaboration, career transition, and recruitment. She is a certified change management and leadership development specialist.

And get 3 hours of live training with Anke Menzler worth over 700 €.

My coaching with Anke has been nothing short of transformational. When I started with her I was feeling low in energy, undervalued in my role and overworked all the time.

In just 8 weeks, she managed to restore not only my energy level but also self confidence and self belief. I found out what my true value is on the job market and I will not longer compromise or accept roles beneath this level.

I feel like a new positive, radiant and confident person which has finally come out of her shelf and best of all I have recently accepted a new position which matches my salary expectations.

Caroline B.

Since I worked with Anke so much has happened: I take a stance for myself, speak up more confidently, and can handle unpleasant situations.

I can now implement skills that were previously difficult for me to apply and I get jobs that were not available to me before.

I have a clearer picture of who I am, what I want, AND where I want to go. There is still some way to go and various fields in which I am working on myself till I reach my goal.

Angela P.

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