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Access Details For The Live Sessions:

Date: Januar 29th to Feb 3rd, 2023

Time: 12pm EST / 6pm CET

Meeting ID: 893 0832 5159

Passcode: 087077

Training Sessions

January 29th, 2023

Anke Menzler

Career & Visibility Coach

Anke Menzler is a Career and Visibility Coach, Business Strategist, Certified Agile Coach and SCRUM Master, Team Development and Workshop Facilitator, and International Speaker. She has +20 years of success working with global, multi-national, and multi-cultural tech companies ranging from Fortune 500 to Forbes Top 100.

Anke coaches female professionals to break through what is holding them back in order to get seen as the expert they are, be more fulfilled, earn the money they deserve.

Anke coaches driven and purposeful women who want to make a difference in the professional world, and have a passionate life full of joy, and abundance. 

She is here to help you rise into and embody your full potential

How To Plan Your Career So You Won't Lose Your Spark

  • Identify your most important asset for your career plan and learn to implement it
  • Get seen as the expert and earn the money you deserve
  • Create a mindset that helps you through challenging times
PLUS: A free bonus gift for all of you who want to take your career journey to the next level in 2023.
Note: This is a 3-hours training session. Make sure you create a quiet space, stay hydrated and bring your workbook.


Januar 30th, 2023 | 12pm EST

Maeve Sundstrom

Licensed Midwife, Women’s Health & Sexuality Mentor

Maeve helps women understand and enjoy their bodies and their sexuality.
She has been supporting women’s health, vitality, growth, and pleasure through bodywork, breathwork, women’s circles and midwifery for over 23 years.

Sacred Union – Embody Your True Masculine and Feminine

  • The true feminine and masculine
  • How the wounded and healthy feminine and masculine show in your life
  • How to heal wild powers within to live a powerful life
PLUS: Powerful practice to tap into your power for a sacred union.


Januar 31st, 2023 | 12pm EST

Slavomira Harcegova

Feng Shui Expert and Transformational Guide

As a Feng Shui expert, Slavomira helps you Master the Art of Energy and experience vitality each day so you can be FAR more productive in your business, to have more energy, JOY, and ease – without feeling tired or burn out.

Create The Space For Who You Become

  • Principles to create a space that supports your goals and the energy you need to achieve them
  • The five elements that elevate your work energy for more success

  • Impact of seasons on your energy
PLUS: a live hot seat to immediately find out how to create the energy that supports your success.

February 1st, 2023 | 12pm EST

Elyse Marie Kirk

Intuitive Channel & Transformational Coach

Elyse Kirk is a spiritual guide, intuitive channel and transformation coach. She brings brings 25+ years of holistic healing and energetic medicine knowledge and experience. Elyse is a certified Esalen bodyworker, Reiki Master energy healer and nutritional consultant.

How To Meet Life With Less Resistance

  • How can you be successful when you come up against yourself?
  • How to find out you if are out of alignment
  • Find your entry point in your life to live your unique YOU
  • How to let yourself off the conditioning hook
PLUS: A free bonus gift for all of you who want to take the journey of life with more clarity and ease.


February 2nd, 2023 | 12pm EST

Kendra Rolheiser

Career Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Kendra Rolheiser is a Career Empowerment and Leadership Coach. She brings 20+ years of success leading professional at every level of the organization. Kendra is an expert in networking, team collaboration, career transition, and recruitment. She is a certified change management and leadership development specialist.

Rebuild Your Power And Set New Desired Standards For Your Career And Life

  • Why are standards important in your career and what effect do they have?
  • The Simple Process to rebuilding your power and setting desired standards
  • Practical tipps from the Simple Process
PLUS: A free bonus gift for all of you who want to take their power back and set new standards for your career.

February 3rd, 2023

Anke Menzler

Career & Visibility Coach

How To Leverage Your Influence At Your Workplace and On Your Career

  • Manipulating vs. Influencing
  • 3 things to avoid for more influence at your workplace
  • The ENTRY POINT to influence
  • Benefits of influence for your health and relationships
  • Impact of networking on your career


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